What is the problem or problems that motivated us to develop MentorU??

We are not meant to go through this life alone. We were designed to learn from one another, lean on one another and help others as we move through this life. Mentorship is a dynamic answer to our universal need to develop meaningful relationships while improving one’s self.

In our experience, most people who consider mentorship (as a mentor or mentee) are interested in the beginning of the conversation. Most people want to develop a personal relationship with another individual who can help guide and support him or her as they follow their life’s purpose. It sounds like a great idea, and it is when done right. However, this early excitement often fades away as perceived obstacles appear. One such obstacle is knowing where or with whom to start. Some questions that get asked can be fairly common.

Who should I mentor?

Who should mentor me?

What do we talk about?

How do we help each other?

Do we have a plan?
What I love most about the Mentor U book is how the entire concept and process of Mentoring is mapped out. All you need to do is to order the book, find your mentor and then you just step into the process on the pages! Engaging in the process of mentoring has so many benefits that helps us to focus on where we are going, where we want to be in our lives and who we want to become to be our Best Self! It challenges us to not only to look at where we are but to more accurately define our truth about our life and how our faith plays and integral part of it all.

Carol Burmood LMHC 9949
LifeImpact Counseling
Mentorships fizzle quickly or never get off the ground because mentors and mentees don’t know what their next step is. MentorU is designed to be a universal first step that identifies an individual’s next step. As you and your mentorship partner are guided through these 6 sessions you will establish a trusted relationship, you will build consistent healthy habits for mentorship, you will discover a direction for your future and develop a plan for success.

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“#MentorU, will challenge and grow you, and deepen your relationship with God and God’s people.”
“#MentorU, is the perfect tool for getting a mentor relationship started and headed in the right direction.”