Who does MentorU apply to and how does it apply to them?

MentorU applies to anyone who has something to learn and anyone who has something to teach. We designed this tool to be a universal first step that identifies an individuals next step, whether that be areas of spiritual growth, personal habits, relational improvements, leadership development, ministry training or just becoming a better version of yourself. MentorU will help you prioritize the areas of learning and develop the best plan moving forward.

Why do people need to try out MentorU?

What needs will it meet?

When something stops growing, it then starts the process of dying. MentorU will challenge you to grow as a mentee and/or a mentor.
I use several excerpts from the book during personal interaction with clients in my professional coaching.

Sergio DiOliveira
life coach

Sharing your life with another person is one of the greatest callings of Christian faith. We are called to be disciples, and as disciples we are called to make disciples. MentorU is a practical tool to help you and a partner be an active part in the legacy of Jesus and calling of the Church.

You will find comfort in the encouragement you receive through your mentorship, and satisfaction in fulfilling the purpose of discipleship. We know you through MentorU you will grow closer to each other and closer to God. So why wait? Let God do something great through you and in you through the vehicle of MentorU.

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“#MentorU, will challenge and grow you, and deepen your relationship with God and God’s people.”
“#MentorU, is the perfect tool for getting a mentor relationship started and headed in the right direction.”